Find and Follow Your Bliss

It seems safe to say that most of us would prefer to work for someone who respects us and our abilities and provides us with opportunities to develop ourselves in our work. I’m referring to someone who trusts that upon giving us an task or assignment, believes that we’ll bring it in on time and under budget, and that we’ll work in a principled and professional manner.

On the other hand, when you direct someone to perform a task or take on a responsibility, when you require help, or when you hire someone to perform a service for you, how do you interact with those individuals? Do you provide clear, concise instructions? Do you state your expectations? Are your budgetary concerns clearly communicated? Do you communicate the desired outcomes?

And lastly, when you’re the one being hired or serving, can you be trusted to follow instructions? Do you take pride in your work and in the finished product? Do you ask questions when expectations aren’t clear? Do you clearly communicate problems and challenges? Do you bring it in on time and within budget? Are you the kind of person that can be trusted to perform well without being micro-managed or controlled?

This blog is inspired by Chapter 3 of my book Live It – Really Live It! The chapter is titled “Find and Follow Your Bliss.” What do these questions I’ve just posed have to do with bliss? Everything.

When we’re following our bliss, “living the dream,” we operate from the perspective of partnership, not hierarchy. In partnership, all stakeholders are appreciated for what they bring to the table. Each partner is appreciated and recognized for the contribution s/he makes. In partnership, all opinions are heard and respected. Leadership is required to lead, yet, only in a manner that sets clear objectives and boundaries in respectful ways.

When we’re in a life-position that provides meaningful purpose and is consistent with our highest desires, in other words, when we have found and followed our bliss, we operate at the highest expression of ourselves. That means we’re clearly communicating, creating desirable circumstances and possibilities for all involved. When we’re following our bliss, we operate from a win-win perspective, ensuring positive outcomes for all everyone. Whether providing direction or receiving it, we take care to communicate clearly and respectfully, with the desired end in mind.

As I state in my book, “When we’re unclear about what we want, when we lack a destination, when we haven’t defined our goals and dreams, our passion and bliss, then our journey is one of wondering and wandering.” And in that state, we’re less likely to be respectful, trustful or invested in partnerships. How can we provide direction when we don’t have direction ourselves? We can’t.

I’ll close by reaffirming that it is essential to find and follow your bliss. Uncover your passions and desires for the richest, fullest, freest life you can imagine. Then be proactive in welcoming and receiving those gifts by taking definitive action consistent with and towards the outcomes you desire.

Do this and you will truly enjoy your life!

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